Uplighting and Monogram

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uplightingWhat better way to show your personality and style than with our uplighting and monogramming!

Sure you can leave the walls of the wedding or event hall plain… or you can make them fun by having uplighting, monogramming, and pictures from your event.  Whether you prefer subtle elegance or a bold statement, our uplighting is a great way to decorate and accent your room. The effect is sure to leave a lasting impression on you and your guests!

Monogramming will highlight the guests of honor in a unique way.  The projected text or image is clear and easy to read, and unlike physical banners or signs, our monograms can display virtually anywhere! Even the dance floor and ceiling can bear the newlyweds’ names!

Ideas for uplighting and monogramming:270A

  • Have the colored theme of your event light the walls of the hall.
  • Have your names on the wall behind your head table.
  • Have pictures from your event scrolling through projected on the wall.
  • Have the ceiling above the dance floor lit up with your names or pictures from your engagement session.
  • Highlight the guests of honor.

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